Collection: Headwaters Health Care Centre

Headwaters Health Care Centre – Spirit Wear

Thank you so much for purchasing Spirit Wear from Meikaa! We are happy to provide you with quality and comfort and we are looking forward to adding more items. We appreciate your support for our local business, and we can’t thank all of you for what you do each and everyday for our local hospital. For every item purchased Meikaa will be donating an amount back to Headwaters Health Care Foundation.

Please note: at the checkout, use the coupon code: Headwaters. This will make sure your orders are delivered to the Headwaters and you will be able to collect your items at the Patient Experience Office (located within the hospital) on the third Monday of each month. 

** Place your order before Friday July 12th 2024 to receive it on Monday July 22nd 2024.

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