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Cloth wipes 1 layer of 100% Cotton - reusable baby wipes

Cloth wipes 1 layer of 100% Cotton - reusable baby wipes

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Reusable Cloth wipes
Super soft on baby bums

🌿 100% Cotton flannel
🌿 Each sheets measure 8x8 inches
🌿 You can purchase 10, 20 or 50 sheets roll
🌿 All Made in Ontario, Canada

Replace your 1 time use wipes with these eco-friendly and sustainable baby cloth wipes to decrease household waste.

Not only these washable and reusable wipes will help you eliminate or reduce your waste, they will also last you for years and save your money!

Use of cloth wipes:
- Clean baby bums
- Bath time
- Runny Nose
- Wiping messy hands and face
- Burp cloths
- Great on the go for snacks
- Camping hikes
- Kids napkins

Wipes adhere onto each other so it rolls up nicely to be used in a wipes container. Or you can keep them in a basket beside the changing table. Edges are surged for durability and to prevent fraying.

These can be washed and machine dried on warm with your usual washing load and it’s easy to maintain. Use a mild soap and no bleaching agent. Do not use fabric softener for better absorption efficiency. (Unpaper towels are not pre-washed)

The best recipe to spray on wipes is water,
Unscented Castile soap, coconut oil, your favorite natural essential oil. Mix them all together and keep one bottle beside the changing table and one bottle in your diaper bag. :)

Most families spend around $200-$400 a year on disposable wipes. Why not make a one time purchase that will last you for years?

**Note that sheets are flat-packed for cheaper shipping

Local pick up option at checkout. (Orangeville, ON)

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